The entry and maintenance of financial data can be a time consuming chore for any business owner.  At Professional Tax & Accounting Solutions, LLC we know that the accounting process is one of the easiest business processes for a company to outsource and it can save you money. 

When you outsource accounting to Professional Tax & Accounting Solutions, LLC your company will benefit from the experience and expertise of our highly trained accounting professionals.  We can help you reduce overhead, reduce operating expenses, improve efficiency, save on training costs and free up valuable company resources to focus on developing your core business. 

Our outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services include:

  • Accounts payable, accounts receivable and inventory
  • Sales tax processing
  • Credit card and bank statement reconciliation
  • Journal entry and general ledger maintenance
  • Transaction entry and classification
  • Financial statement preparation and analysis
  • Fixed asset and depreciation tracking
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Tax preparation

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