Professional Tax & Accounting Solutions, LLC

Virtual Tax CPA, a subsidiary of Professional Tax & Accounting Solutions, is an internet-based accounting firm tailored to meet the fast paced lifestyle of today’s on the go professional.  Our virtual CPA services allow us to meet your tax preparation and planning needs without you ever leaving your home or office.

No matter where you are at, your work gets done!  Our company leverages technology and accounting expertise to provide you with an efficient, cost effective and quick turnaround solution for your individual and business needs.  All of the tax returns are prepared by a Certified Public Accountant who understands and is up to date with all new tax laws and changes in regulations.


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We match you with one of our Certified Public Accountants.

Within 1 business day, one of our accountants will contact you.

In most cases, we have your tax return posted within 5 business days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to prepare an individual or business tax return?

A: Individual returns are prepared within a week of receiving complete documentation. Business returns are prepared within two weeks of receiving complete documentation.

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